My Favorite Designs

The Latest Trends and Must Haves​​

  1. Managing Director
    Sarsillu Dream
    This will make you stand out the crowd! Long and extraordinary black drop earrings!
  2. Managing Director
    Green Gem Set
    Beautiful African Turquoise set to look like a star!
  3. Managing Director
    Tassels Blue Sueño
    Ready to impress? well here is the perfect pair of earrings to be the star of the party! Designed in blue stone, 18K goldfield, and red tassel.
  4. Managing Director
    Anka Set
    Beautiful set with blue crystals and goldfield, great for your next Happy Hour!

Simple but Fashion, from day to night, without complication, because we deserve to look fabulous at all times!
Laura Moran

My Vision, Mission and Philosophy​​

 I have a vision that through the pieces I create, my history, passion, and culture will spread and be touched by the world. 

My mission is to make you look fabulous and to give people the means to see the world through style and fashion.

My business philosphy is simple, I believe every person deserves the best of life, I believe you shouldn't sacrifice style to make a difference, I believe fashion should empower you and me as your designer, I believe together we can show your internal beauty.